How To Find A Free Essay Editor Online: 4 Helpful Suggestions

Being in college, you will probably be writing essays until they come out of your ears. Editing that much work can really take its toll on the student and finding a good online editor can save you a lot of frustration and time. Here are some suggestions on how to find an online editor for free.

Be specific about what you need

Editing is a term used for many different types of services. You may just need a spellchecker or perhaps you want software that can read your grammar. Determine what it is you want before starting your search. By narrowing your search term, you will be more likely to find the specific type of editor for what you need.

The search process

Searching may be the most challenging part. Even if you include the word "free" into your criteria, you will still be bombarded with lots of results that claim to be free, but aren't. Some of these sites offer a trial run that comes with a myriad of limitations: The word count needs to be over or under a certain amount; or a portion of the feedback results are hidden until you purchase the software. This can be frustrating, but the free ones really are out there; it just takes some time to find them.

Always do additional editing yourself

Even if you do editing via a free program online, rather check your essay yourself afterwards. A quick scan will ensure that nothing slipped through the cracks. Another alternative is to use the free online software as your safety net after editing the work yourself. Just bear in mind that most free signups expire after a period of time, which means you'll have to start your search all over again.

Not a perfect system

No essay editing software has been created that is absolutely flawless. Editing is still one of those skills that have not been completely taken over by artificial intelligence. The human mind is probably your best option for editing your paper. If you don't have time, why not hire an editing service. Not only do professional academic editors check your work themselves, but they also spot other areas that need improvement that software may not see. Therefore it's better to have a person checking your work, than editing software - especially free ones that aren't as good as they claim.

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