A Friend can proofread your Personal Essay

While writing your personal statement you have to keep many important recommended points in your mind to make your essay more influential. Proofreading is basically the task of checking the mistakes in your essay or personal statement before submitting it to the final destination. After writing your personal statement and completing all the complementary parts of your statement now it is the time for your personal statement to be proofread by someone. That someone can be your friend, parents, teachers, seniors and professional experts. Before giving your essay to someone for proofreading you have to read it twice or thrice by yourself. You can correct the spelling mistakes yourself. The grammatical errors are also removed by Microsoft word on computer. Educated friend is more reliable than the online professionals because of the reason that they edit you essays by taking money and it is also risky that they will return the document on time or not. A friend can proofread your personal essay before you will learn more from this activity.

A friend can proofread your personal essay by adopting different ways.

Proofreading is done by adopting following ways:

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