How To Get An Essay Editor For Free: The True Answer

It is sad how many of us keep on hitting a brick wall while looking for genuine help free. The free market has divided the human race into two groups with conflicting interests: the buyer and the seller. Although every buyer is also a seller, this does not stop the mindset to become altruistic. Rather it just becomes second nature after some time to switch between the buyer, seller and again buyer modes. The cycle is unending, but enough with the philosophy! If you are looking for someone who will edit your essay free, you can try the following:

  1. Friends: Nothing is free but true friendship does not cost too much! A round of drinks (if you are of age) or a cheeseburger is all that you will have to pay to get a friend's help. Ask a friend who you trust to be good at English composition to edit your essay.
  2. Family: Your parents and siblings are (still) the few people who love you unconditionally. Parents will do anything in their power to be of help, especially with schoolwork. Discuss your essay and ask them if they think they can help with the editing. Siblings may prove a bit troublesome, as they might want you to do their laundry as payback!
  3. Oh well! Short of software that you will need to get hold of from a friend, there are not very many people out there who will provide their time and skill to you free of cost. The true answer is that you can wish to pay less than most do for editing services; you cannot hope to get it done professionally unless you are ready to dish out some dough!

Here are some ways to get an affordable editor for your essay:

  1. Post your editing job on a freelancers' website and shamelessly state the $$ you are ready to pay.
  2. Get your essay written by a professional writer and get the editing free of cost as a goodwill gesture.
  3. Ask a professional writing service to edit your essay. Tell them your budget (or the lack of one) and see if they have a way to solve your problem on the minimum possible price.

The fact of the matter is that barring your family and friends, you will have to pay at least a little bit for professional editing services. A writing service may be a good solution for you to skip the hassle of finding an individual freelance editor.

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