How to write a definition essay?

It takes a particular type of skill and understanding to produce an excellent definition essay. There are steps you can take and, if followed, will give you the best possible chance of getting the best possible score. Here are some of those topics.

The title is all-important

In a definition essay it is particularly important that the words in the title are the right words. What does that mean? Well there are some words which are interesting, have depth and additional meanings and these are preferable to words which are bland, simple and have only one definition. Use complex words and use complex ideas when constructing your topic. A good example perhaps involves the use of the words house and home. The word house revolves around a physical dwelling whereas home can mean a house but much more besides. Choose your word or words carefully.

Know the topic intimately

By taking a personal slant on your definition essay, it is important that you have a strong understanding of the word or words you are defining in your essay. This includes a dictionary definition and a definition which you are able to explain in your own words. In other words you need an overall or multipronged definition.

Can you divide the word or words?

So you have a particular word which you are concentrating on in your definition essay. What can you do with this word? Can you define its origins? Can you list any changes to its meaning over the years? Can the word be split into two or more parts and each of these defined? The more you can do to develop a history and background of the word you are defining, the better your chances of creating a first class definition essay.

Use lots of examples

One of the best tools in any definition essay is an example. The more examples you can quote to further explain the definition of the word or words you are concentrating on, the better will be your essay. Examples tell the story in a simple yet memorable way. They make the reading of a definition essay come alive as a story always intrigues and explains.

Finally it is very important that your definition essay contains your definition of the word or words. Of course you will quote reliable sources such as dictionaries, but always include your own words describing your own definition to give it that personal touch.

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