Who Can Help You Edit Your Essay?

At any level in one's educational career they will be required to write essays about various topics in various styles for many, many different teachers and professors. As they progress thought the grades and college the essays become more difficult and the requirements for perfection become more intense. There are so many things to worry about such as style, voice, mechanics, and much more. This can cause a lot of stress on a student. One way to relieve this stress is to have someone else review the essay to help spot potential errors and pitfalls in the paper. This can create an overall more polished piece of writing that is sure to earn the grades desired. In this article I am going to talk about people that you should have proofread your paper and people that you should not have proofread your paper as well as places that you can find these ideal critics.

Who should not help me edit my essay?

There are certain people that you will encounter in your circle of friends, classes etc. that are extremely kind and helpful people that will offer to proofread and edit your essay. Some of these people are not people who you should let edit your essay. Not because they don't have valid ideas but because English may not be their strong suit. They can be very intelligent in many other areas but if they are not great at English and you have no proof that they write better than you, you probably don't want them to be the ones that tell you what to change in your paper. They may not even recognize many of the smaller mistakes that will be noticed by your teacher or professor. Other people that you may not want to edit your paper are:

Any of the above listed groups may not be able to accurately locate the mistakes made in the paper. This will leave you open to bad grades and overall a poor GPA. There are however other more qualified people to help you in your literary journey to perfection.

Who should help me edit my essay?

People who you should seek help from need to be highly qualified and knowledgeable in composition and English. These should be people such as:

These people either are very knowledgeable about the writing process and or make their living though writing. This means that not only do they have the capability to be more thorough, they will be. It is what they do and they like doing it.

By using the recommended resources listed above you will be able to gain a better understanding not only of the mistakes you make in your writing, but will also obtain a better overall paper due to your hard work and the professionals that helped you along.

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