Vital Tips To Editing And Revising College Essays

There are two types of students who write college essays. There are those who write the essay and then fail to edit it at all or fail to edit it well and as a result get a less than perfect score. And then there are those students who having finished the first draft of their essay, find that the real job has only just begun. They not only spend time in revising their work but they do so in a clever and successful way. It's fair to say that almost every essay can be improved. It can certainly have its faults and mistakes removed. So if you want to improve the score you get for each and every one of your college essays, take heed of these vital tips.

So many students spend a great deal of time in the research aspect and the planning aspect of their essay, that when they come to write it they feel that all the hard work has been done. You need to lose that mindset. You need to understand that finishing the first draft, even though it has taken a lot of hard work, is simply the halfway point in your race to finish your college essay. The second part of the race, of your task, is the editing or revising of your essay. Unless and until you get that fact locked away in your mind, you will never reach your full potential and get the score you could get in writing your college essays.

Feedback is always important. Of course there is good feedback and poor feedback and you obviously want to get the best type you can. It could be from a fellow student, a friend or family member but they need to be brutally honest. It's no good them going soft on you because they don't want to hurt your feelings. You need feedback as to whether or not your essay answers the question, reads and flows easily and is devoid of basic mistakes.

Some people don't take kindly to criticism. They've written an essay, they've shown it to a friend and received some critical feedback. This is where the wrong attitude is not required. You don't have to assume that the criticism you received is necessarily true but you certainly do need to seriously consider it. Lose the attitude of thinking you are perfect and have written the perfect essay.

Some people find it very hard to cut work they have spent a long time in creating. If you consider all the facts and genuinely believe that you have written too much or have written the wrong thing, then it is courageous and right for you to make changes. Don't be afraid to cut.

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