5 Great Ideas to Help You Proofread an Academic Paper

The last stage of writing an academic paper is its proofreading. It ensures that the text is grammatically correct, has no spelling mistakes or misprints, and is irreproachable in terms of style and syntax. Moreover, this procedure is indispensable in making sure that the paper is consistent and logical. Here is a small set of ideas that will help you cope with the task with maximum results:

  1. Do the proofreading one or two days after the paper is completed.
  2. It is necessary to give your mind some time to shift its focus and forget some bits of the text. When the time period passes, you will be able to take a fresh look at it. At this point, you are sure to find some drawbacks and things to double-check.

  3. Ask your peers to do it for you.
  4. It is always advantageous for a proofreader to work with an unfamiliar text, so try to persuade one of your friends to help you. Be careful to choose someone who has high grades and delves into every detail. When the proofreading is completed, you will be able to discuss the changes to make sure they are necessary and justified.

  5. Go from the end to the beginning.
  6. Proofreading your paper backwards will help you find mistakes that have been missed due to attention deterioration. It is an open secret that the first paragraphs get the maximal attention, while the last ones are a little bit neglected because the reader gets too tired.

  7. Use dictionaries and reference books if you doubt something.
  8. If ever you feel uncertain about some areas of the text, make sure to double-check them, as it is always better to check something before handing it to the expert. Make it a rule to ascertain that all numeric data is correct, because this type of mistake is the easiest to find.

  9. Use a hard copy for proofreading.
  10. It is advisable to change the form of the text when proofreading it. Some mistakes are just invisible when on a computer screen, and seem to manifest as soon as you work with a printed copy. Moreover, it is always necessary to have a printed version close at hand in case something happens to the file. One more strategy based on changing the form is reading the paper aloud. It is quite an efficient method in finding lexical and stylistic mistakes.

All in all, in order to proofread the academic paper quickly but thoroughly, you just need to go about it the right way.

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