Revising the Draft of A College Essay

When writing a paper or article, you should begin with a rough draft. A rough draft is just the first markup of a paper. It allows you to blurt out all your ideas. Sometimes these first drafts can be good, other times they seem to lack focus, or express too many ideas. At either rate one should always use their first draft of a paper as an example for the final. This article will discuss ways to revise your rough draft and make it into the perfect paper.

The first step in the revising process is to visualize how the reader will perceive the work. You can ask someone to read over the material and ask them to respond to the work. Make sure it is a person who will give you an honest opinion. If there is no one, you should put the shoe on the other foot and think in terms of the reader. You will need to ask yourself a few questions in relation to the work. Some questions include whether your reader can identify the thesis, where each part of the article begins and ends, as well as knowing what side of the issue you are on.


Once you have created the draft, you should place your work into an outline. Place your thesis at the top and list out your main ideas along with their supporting facts afterwards. After you have put your draft into outline for its time for you to analysis the outline. Be sure that the work flows. If it does not then you should rework the structure of your paper.


After you have crafted your outline, it is time to revise the text. You need to make the article more focused and clear. Be sure to go into depth with your writing and fully explain your viewpoints along with the research that supports your stance on the issue at hand, Use simple language that flows well and is easy enough for the reader to understand.

Give it a glance over:

After you have revised your text you should read it and read it again. Be sure to check for grammar errors. Run spell check and grammar check after you have read over it again. After you have run these checks, you should have someone read over your material. This person could be a friend, family member, or a professional. All of these individuals should provided you grammar checks, and opinions on how to strengthen your paper if needed.

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