Legitimate Essay Editing And Proofreading Services

Did you know that over 70% of students have used online essay services at least once in their academic careers? The most popular online services that students utilize are essay writing, report writing, thesis and dissertation writing, editing and proofreading.

This incredible demand has sparked an explosion of the number of writing services available online. Some such services offer both writing and editing. There are some which specialize in editing and proofreading only.

The trick is how to tell if an essay editing and proofreading service is legitimate. Anyone can put up a website to try and take your money from you. You need a method to search through these websites and find a reputable one.

How to determine if an editing service is legitimate

Following these few simple guidelines will help you find a trustworthy editing and proofreading service:

  1. Check out their online reputation. Look for feedback, comments and reviews. Read through everything. If there are hundreds of reviews, scanning them is sufficient. Choose an online service that has lots and lots of good reviews in comparison to bad reviews.
  2. Read through their guarantee. A legitimate service is not afraid to offer a stellar guarantee of their services. You should be extremely satisfied with their service or your money back. They should be willing to figuratively do summersaults to win your business and guarantee your happiness.
  3. Customer service should be impressive. Their customer service should be amazing. Are they available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? Do they take the time to answer all your questions like 'do my essay for me'? Do they offer to help you during the process of ordering your editor or proofreader?

Once you have chosen a service that looks trustworthy and reliable, contact them and try them out. If you are still a little apprehensive, see if they offer free samples. Maybe they will show you a sample of what their editing and proofreading looks like, or maybe they will do a free sample of a few paragraphs of your essay.

Talking to them and asking lots of questions will go a long way to helping you feel more comfortable with getting a professional to edit and proofread your essay or paper. Once you have used a service like this, you will look forward to using it again for your next essay. You will be surprised at the quality of editing a good professional editor can give you.

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