Case Study: How to Edit and Proofread your Work

If you want to get a good grade on your next case study assignment it is a good idea to spend some time and edit and proofread your work. Editing and proofreading helps to refine your final draft. It is an opportunity to reread what you have written and take out any parts that do not add value to the composition. Proofreading and editing is also where you will catch any spelling or grammar mistakes that you may have made. This is why it is SO important that you set aside some time to sit down and really check your work and make corrections. Smart students know that the best way to get a good grade on any sort of writing assignment is to take the time to edit.

Editing Your Own Work

Editing your own work is tricky. The first step is simply to reread what you have written out loud and make sure that everything flows together concisely and makes sense. It is a good idea to do this a few days after you have finished writing. This way you are more likely to notice any corrections that are made with a fresh mindset.

After you have reread your case study the next thing you want to do is remove any material that does not belong. This is where you really need be critical of your own work. Ask yourself honestly if each point ads to the overall case that you are trying to make. Remember, the main purpose of a case study is to display evidence that supports one conclusion. If you have included any evidence points that do not support your conclusion or make weak arguments try removing these from the paper. Keeping in mind that it is better to have only a few pieces of evidence that are supporting, than many points of evidence that do not go together. Once you have removed any of the "weaker" points, re-read your paper again. Is the composition stronger?

Last but not least you are going to want to double-check your spelling and grammar. This is actually where some people struggle the most. Start by looking for common errors like the misuse of words like "their" or "there", "then" and "than".

Have a peer or mentor look over your composition for you. Sometimes, it is better to let other people find your spelling and grammar errors because when you are the writer you may "correct" things mentally as you are reading. If you can't find anyone to look your case study over for you, try running it through a grammar checker online. Don't just use spell check.

Polishing Up Your Case Study

Once you have read your paper and refined it by removing your "weak" evidence points as well as corrected any spelling and grammar mistakes that you have made, you are finally ready to hand your paper in for grading. Proofreading and editing should only take you a few extra minutes but it can make a huge difference in your final grade.

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