How to proofread your Application Essay

Proofreading your application essay is an important process that can improve the quality of your content. Students should realize how important this is as too many overlook it and decide not to revise their content at all. You may have a mistake or error that should be changed before it gets reviewed by the application committee. Even small mistakes can lead to rejection. Grammar, proper sentence and paragraph structure and logic reasoning should all be reviewed and improved when needed. You can also consider working with a professional proofreader if you do not have time to complete the process on your own.

Take Your Time Reading Over What You Wrote

Once you have completed your draft you should go back over and read it. Try to read through the content to see how well sentences and paragraphs flow together. You may find errors or areas where you need revisions. This is okay and this is primarily the reason why you should proofread your essay. Think about what you want to say and how it should be presented. What are areas that may not leave a good first impression and what would you change about them to provide further clarity?

Highlight or Mark Areas You Need to Clarify

As you read over your content you can highlight or mark areas that need to be adjusted or corrected. This can be a variety of things from word usage, grammar, paragraph structure, sentence structure, logic appearance of details, and so on. Anything you feel is out of place or missing information should be noted and then make the effort to go back and correct them. This may take a considerable amount of effort on your part but you will feel better and more confident your essay will be presented in the best way possible.

Go Back and Make Necessary Corrections and Review Content Again

Once you have made your corrections you can read over your content again. This may sound repetitive and to some, even useless if you have gone through the text and made changes already. But, in most cases it is suggested you read over your content a few times and make necessary changes. You may notice the voice your content and how it speaks to the reading audience. You may even notice other changes you want to make which aims at continuously improving your overall content.

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