Term Paper Editing: General Rules To Be Observed

Writing a term paper is one thing and editing it is another. You cannot finish your task before you revise and edit it several times. Editing is the post-writing phase and takes very few efforts as compared to the whole writing process. However, this last ten percent is critical in shaping your paper and giving it the right direction. You may ignore a certain things during the writing phase because you want to see it finished. You want to see if you have enough data to deliver the message you have in your mind and how it will look on paper. However, during the editing phase you are not in a rush. You need to make sure everything fits perfectly in your paper.

Draft your paper and rewrite

Drafting is very important step for editing. Do not rely on one draft for your term paper. Create your ideas on a rough paper and arrange them in a logical order. Look at this draft and highlight the areas that need improvement. Rewrite your paper and get the second draft. Look at this carefully and see what your paper is lacking. Keep repeating this process unless you get a perfect paper. Ideally, you should do more than two drafts for a paper.

Data analysis

Not all the data that you collect will be an ideal match to your requirements. Some of the data maybe outdated while others may not be authentic. You need to see the sources your teacher asked you to avoid for citations and references. Make sure that the data you keep is relevant, recent, and valid.

Sentence structure and comprehensibility

Look at the sentences in your paper. Are they long, cluttered sentences that confuse the reader? Do they have fragment? Is the order of words right? Have you used the correct vocabulary to deliver your idea? Is your paper clear enough to a reader who is new to the subject?

Delete irrelevant data, sentences, and paragraphs

This may be the most difficult part where you have to delete something you wrote. It is however, important to cut out irrelevant details so that you can add value to your paper.


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