Short Essay Writing Manual: The Basic Structure

Learning the basic structure that your essay should be written in is very important. Know it or not, a large part of your grade is based upon the proper structuring of the paper. To ensure that you are fully aware of the proper ways to structure your essay, continue reading.

The Name of it

The first portion of writing your essay is to choose your title. The title should be catchy and something that intrigues readers to want to read what you have written. Of course the title should also be one that related back to the subject of the essay. Keep these two things in mind. Once a title has been selected you can then begin your paper.

Your essay should start with the following items in the left hand corner of the paper:

The Essay Body

Immediately following this information the title of the essay should be centered in the middle.

Your introduction is the next section of the essay. The introduction should contain the thesis of the paper. It should be interesting and engaging and describe what the reader will learn in the remaining pages. Your outline should be included in the introduction as well.

You will have a three paragraph body following the title. The first paragraph of the body should contain the most valuable of information relating to the topic. Do not be afraid to expand your thoughts and ideas on this section of the paper as it is the most important of them all.

The next paragraph should contain important information but details that are not quite as important as what you have listed in the first paragraph. While you should explain all of the information revealed in the paragraph you should not expand on it in as much detail as the first paragraph.

The third and final paragraph is one that will basically list the weakest arguments of the subject. You can be vague here , as long as readers understand what you are saying.

Following this information should be your cited resources. Make sure that you include all of your citations in this paragraph. A conclusion is the final bit of information that you will need for your essay. The conclusion is simple and just reiterates what you have already said without repeating the same words that were already used.

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