Expert advice on how to proofread essays: Speed up

Are you looking for ways to increase your proofreading speed? Faster proofreading means more time to do other constructive tasks. But while you may want to do this quicker, you should still know how to do it properly. Have a look at some of these ways you can proofread quickly, without losing the effectiveness of this task.

Hear your work being read

By far, the fastest way to proofread your work is to read it out loud. It's seldom that you'll miss a spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistake when doing so. When you hear the work read, something out of place will immediately spark your attention so that you can promptly attend to the discrepancy.

Another way to hear your work read out loud is to obtain text reading software. There are some free trial versions online which you can try out before buying. Having this will help you with your research, as well as your proofreading.

Bookmark helpful sites

There are a number of free sites that can speed up your proofreading for you.

Proofreading software

For those who want to zip through their proofreading, there's software that is very adept at detecting language errors. You'll have only to glance through your work after this type of program has done most of the work for you. That's because suspected errors are conveniently highlighted for you to check and change at your own discretion.

Proofread as you go

But another - and much cheaper - way to proofread faster is to do so after every paragraph. Proofreading papers can be tedious if you're not used to doing it, so rather perform short acts of concentration proofreading, as opposed to doing the whole paper in one go when you're finished. It's way more convenient to proofread as you go, so that you can deem your paper finished once the last paragraph is complete.

These options are for those who are able to spend, and those who aren't. Hopefully these methods will assist you in proofreading a lot quicker, so that more time can be spent on other important things.

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